Are Items' Related Names in RELMA.MDB?

Each LOINC item has an associated list of Related Names in its description/details. Some of the Related Names appear to come from the item parts.

Component Property Time System Scale Method
Parathyrin Imp Pt Ser/Plas Nar
But, where do the others in Related Names list come from? E.g. the Related Names for parathyrin are:
Chemistry Parathyroid hormone SerP
Impression Pl SerPl
Impression/interpretation of study Plasma SerPlas
Impressions Plsm Serum
Interp Point in time Serum or plasma
Interpretation PTH SR
Narrative Random
Parathormone Report
For every item, are Related Names stored somewhere? If they are in RELMA.MDB, where? Are some of them dynamically generated? Some, like "Parathyroid hormone" don't appear to be algorithmically generated.

Hello Thomas

there are many valuable fields in the LOINC.MDB, and it has changed usages over time. I believe you are referring to RELATEDNAME2 field. RELMA’s development came a while after LOINC began; there could be tables within both that work together in the platform.

Have a great week,


Thank you very much, Pam! The RELATEDNAME2 field is exactly what we are looking for.

I previously opened and browsed almost every table but overlooked that field in the big LOINC table. After your helpful reply, I added a public domain Visual Basic script to search the field names in all tables ( and located it immediately.