Allergy Testing units

We currently use kUA/L, kilo unit allergy specific antibody for units of allergy testing. I would like to switch to UCUM units. I can’t find kUA/L but I do find kAU/L kilo allergy unit per liter. I can’t seem to determine if these are the same thing. The example UCUM unit from is kIU/L. But the lab director wants to stick with kUA/L because that is the unit listed from the manufacturer. Any recommedations?

kUA/L is the same as kAU/L kilo allergy unit per liter.

The ACAAI/AAAAI Joint Task Force Report on allergy diagnostic testing states “The total calibration curve used in most test systems today is

linked to the World Health Organization IgE standard and

reported in arbitrary mass units (kilo international units of

allergen specific antibody per unit volume of sample [kUa/L]).”

Bruce J. Goldberg, M…D., Ph.D.

Chief of service, Department of Allergy, LAMC

Director, S.C.P.M.G. Regional Allergy-Immunology Lab

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