Allergy Class Changes in version 2.75

With regards to Allergy Class Changes in version 2.75:
1,015 concepts were deprecated and re-created to separate Component “Antibody.IgE” concepts from Method “RAST” Radioallergosorbent test. We added a new method in the Method attribute “RAST” and updated to a new scale in the Scale attribute “SemiQn.”

I think the intent of these concepts is not to represent a method but rather to represent test results as classes rather than concentration. Classes represent a numeric scale (0-VI) representing specific IgE concentration intervals. They are considered obsolete by many as compared to just reporting concentrations although some labs stil report both. Reporting classes with a method of radioallergosorbent test is not appropriate for 2 reasons:

  1. I would doubt anyone is still using an RIA to detect and quantify IgE.
  2. Classes are independent of method. Most if not all labs performing singleplex allergen testing are using some form of IA.

I think just using a scale of semiquantitative and property of PrThr without a method is the correct way to represent these.

Bruce.J.Goldberg, MD, PhD
Physician director, SCPMG Regional Allergy-Immunology Laboratory