Accessing scores from an answerlist

I found a similar question posted in 2020, though unfortunately no answer to it, so I decided to do a repost. In a coded answer list with scores attributed to each answer option (e.g. # LL3267-3) I want to be able to acces/export the score along with the rest of the valueset. As far as I know these (ordinal) scores are modeled as an ordinalvalue extension in FHIR valueset resources. When I use the LOINC FHIR API ($expand?url= the scores are not retrieved. Is there a statement to obtain the scores that accompany the codes?
Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi Jos,

I am not an expert in this area, but I hope this helps. I believe the answer comes down to what metadata about an answerlist code is available through the FHIR API call. If we query for a specific answerlist entry that is associated with LL3267-3, we see that even a code system lookup does not return the sequence or the score.$lookup?system=

I am fairly certain that the score and/or sequence would be considered metadata of the codesystem.code and not even considered as metadata for a valueset because the score is associated with the LA code and not the LL code.

Again, the sequence or score may be returned through the FHIR API if there is a parameter that can be specified that request it be returned. Even then, I would expect the parameter to apply only to codesystem and not to valueset.

@timbriscoe or @swagers, could you help me out on this one?

Answer scores don’t appear to be populated. We’ve added this to our to-do list. Thank you for bringing to our attention.