22636-5: Patient Hx or Specimen Hx?

Question from the LOINC community:

Is 22636-5 the code for patient hx, or 'specimen' hx? System = Specimen, but text description refers to the patient..Cheers.

22636-5:Path report.relevant Hx:Find:Pt:Specimen:Nar (Pathology report relevant history)

The history being recorded/reported with this code is about the patient, as the description says and you keenly noticed. This term was designed for use in the context of a pathology report, specifically, the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, Inc (NAACCR, Inc) Pathology Laboratory Electronic Reporting panel. This particular element carries information like past cancer history, reason why this specimen was collected, etc. So, the whole report is really about the specimen which is why all the terms in the Path Report set have that as the System. This term isn't meant to capture the patient's entire history...just that relevant for the pathology evaluation of this specimen. Make sense?