Notice of forthcoming LOINC hotfix release

Please see this important notice regarding errors in version 2.75 of LOINC. We will be publishing a hotfix update in mid-September. A full list of affected codes will be added to the following notice very soon.

Our hospital was about to kickoff the v2.75 code change project and noticed this message this morning on board for a hot fix v2.76. Based on the impact of what you have found and releasing for the hot fix 2.76, should we wait until the hot fix is released, or proceed with the review of the v2.75? We appreciate your guidance.

Thank you,
Denise Bauer
Project Manager
Cincinnati Children’s Information Services

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Upon further review, we have identified approximately 175 concepts in need of update. These will be addressed in the forthcoming release of version 2.76. We recommend waiting for availability of version 2.76 to update your systems. This hotfix release will be published within the next two weeks. Complete details on the fixes will be provided with the update.