Method : "US standard certificate of live birth"


I’m looking for LOINC code to describe fetal position (regardless palpation or ultrasound method) for delivery reports.
I found 73761-9|Fetal presentation^at birth:Type:Pt:^Patient:Nom:US standard certificate of live birth code
What does “US birth certificate” method mean? Should I use this code in french interoperability context?


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Hi Melissa,
The method of “US birth certificate” is defined as “The US Standard Certificate of Live Birth is a form used to register babies born medically alive in the US”. LOINC does not have a code for “fetal position unspecified” and would need to have a new request submitted. As stated, above LOINC only has codes for “Narrative fetal position US” 18848-2 or “Fetal position palpation” 11874-5.

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