During review of the current mappings for Lactate, we would like input from LOINC as to what mappings would be most appropriate. There are three LOINC codes we are looking at: 2524-7 SCnc Ser/Plas, 32132-3 SCnc PlasA, 32133-1 PlasV. The package inserts (Abbott Architect Ci4100, Siemens Dimension Rxl Max, Vitros 5600) state a specimen of choice as Potassium Oxalate/Sodium Fluoride Plasma, none state serum. So, this would appear to match 32133-1. However the majority of LOINC users (from the Community Mappers) have used 2524-7, 41 vs 1 and 2. Also, Lactate is the only analyte that has codes for PlasA and PlasV.

Karen Kovach

eHealth Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan


I wonder if it would be appropriate to correct the specimen type for LOINC 32133-1 to Plasma (from venus plasma). As there is no LOINC code for Lactate on Plasma, it seems redundant to specify venus plasma in this case. This would align with other LOINC codes that specify specific specimen types (BldA) when the generic type (Bld) is not sufficient. In this case there would be a code for Plasma and a code for arterial plasma. If LOINC code 32133-1 should not change, then perhaps a new code request for Lactate on Plasma based on the product Insert Karen references would be more appropriate.

Appreciate any comments from other submitters or the folks at Regenstrief!


Lorie Carey

Canada Health Infoway